invitation for participation in the World Information Society Competition has been published

Deadline for sending the project is February 26

The Information Technology Organization of Iran has published a call for participation in the World Information Society Competition in the New Year (WSIS 2021).

According to Techna Agency, the WSIS 2021 World Championships will be held with the aim of evaluating projects and activities that use information and communication technology for sustainable development.

Every year, the World Telecommunication Union holds a meeting called the World Summit of the Information Society, in which the participants present their views and latest achievements on various issues related to the quantitative and qualitative increase of the IT infrastructure.

In parallel with this summit, a competition is held every year with the participation of participants from different countries.

The WSIS competition was created in response to a request from WSIS stakeholders to establish an effective mechanism for evaluating projects and activities that use ICT to promote sustainable development.

In 2020, 9 Iranian projects were nominated for awards, and in 2019, Iran won the award in the field of electronic sciences.

Now, according to the summit plan for 2021, the invitation to participate in the tenth round of this competition has been sent to the member countries.

This meeting will be held on May 17-21, 2021 (May 27-31, 1400).

The deadline for submitting projects is January 25, 2021, which coincides with February 26, 2017, and those interested in participating in this competition can visit www.wsis.org/prizes. to see other news please visit iran technology news

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