Iran buy more than 42 million doses of Corona vaccine

Saeed Namaki on Tuesday evening on the sidelines of the 134th meeting of the Council of Staff of the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the country entitled “Study of the situation and challenges of production and purchase of corona vaccine” added: According to statistics provided by the Ministry of Health Three ways are being prepared.

According to the medical news unit of Techna news agency, Speaking at the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in the presence of relevant officials and experts related to the corona vaccine, he said: “The amount of 16.8 million doses is through coax, which is our condition for the World Health Organization (WHO).” This vaccine is not with the American Pfizer platform.

Kabganian continued: “The next figure is 25 million doses of vaccine through imports other than the World Health Organization (WHO), which seems to be a good cover for different ages of society.”

He added that the total number of imported vaccines to be imported into the country is about 42.3 million doses: Of course, it is predicted that 25 million doses of vaccine will be available by May or June 1400 at the latest by domestic manufacturers, technologists and companies. Knowledge based on supply.

He also referred to the presence of all relevant agencies and those involved in the field of vaccines, including the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, various committees and the Deputy Minister of Research, Imam Khomeini Executive Headquarters and various vaccinations in the country, especially vaccines with experience. Like Razi and Pasteur, as well as researchers and scientists from the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, he said in today’s meeting: “Very useful issues were raised in the field of production and purchase of vaccines, but none of the actions of domestic researchers will be stopped and a summary for each of these axes.” Special took place.

Corona vaccine is not purchased from enemies
The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Implementation of the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the country emphasized that, in today’s meeting, the non-purchase of vaccines from the few countries that are known as enemies of Iran was emphasized, adding: “Some of these vaccines are based on unknown platforms.”
At the same time, Kabganian considered it very necessary to support the national production of vaccines along with the purchase of this product from the producing countries and said: “This is one of the tasks of the headquarters of the comprehensive scientific map of the country.”

9 Iranian companies are preparing Corona vaccine
The Deputy Chief of Staff for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the country also stated: “Perhaps the emergency phase of producing the corona vaccine has been reduced to one year, which normally requires five years for licenses to be prepared.”
Kabganian added: “Of course, observing the historical history of the production of some vaccines in the world, such as the Ebola vaccine, shows that its approval has taken 20 years, or infectious diseases have taken 15 years, and some have taken decades.”

He continued: “Due to the current pandemic, approval and monitoring organizations are conducting an emergency phase to ensure that the product has approvals, but final and national approvals have only been made by a few countries, such as Saudi Arabia, which is questionable.” .
Kabganian said that, fortunately, in our country, 6 institutions have been supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran to produce vaccines and its platforms. He added: If we want to provide general statistics, it is that 9 Iranian companies are producing 6 types of vaccines in four They are platforms. In other words, in the near future, Iran will have all the technologies and vaccine platforms, some of which will be accessed in March and others in June 1400.

Kabganian added: “Some of these platforms have been killed based on the virus, which is a bit more secure. Also, the virus carrier platform, which is another method, the mRNA platform, which is more unknown and provided by Pfizer, and all its angles and dimensions are not known yet.” And the base protein platform, which we have worked well with the Cuban government to develop this type of vaccine.

Animal and clinical phases of vaccine production have been successful
The Deputy Chief of Staff for the implementation of the comprehensive scientific plan of the country also stated: In addition to government vaccine manufacturers, active institutions and the private sector have been established, after this stage in the next few months it is predicted that in the next three or six months not only competitive vaccine manufacturers We will have a strong and active private sector in this field, but in general we will see drug manufacturers with new technologies.
Kabganian said that at present, the production of medicine in the country is with traditional technologies, but at the same time said: Of course, due to the pressure of the Corona era, appropriate progress has been made in this area.

Emphasizing that the preparation of throat vaccine is a serious issue in clinical phases and animal phases, he added: “This important issue is going on and our concern in this meeting is more the attack on mass production or industrial production of one to two million doses of vaccine.”

Progress of knowledge-based companies in manufacturing medical equipment
Referring to the challenges raised by researchers at today’s meeting regarding the lack of some equipment for mass production of vaccines, Kabganian said: “We already had some equipment in the country and some of this equipment is facing problems due to the country’s harsh sanctions.” .
He stressed: “Of course, the existence of these sanctions for the country led to the formation of knowledge-based companies consisting of researchers and young people in the field of health, and now we can claim that we have no problem with equipment for the mass production phase of drugs and vaccines.”
The Deputy Head of the Comprehensive Scientific Plan for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the Country also referred to the report presented at today’s meeting by the Barakat Foundation and stated: They have started the mass production phase of the vaccine in the last few days. Exhibited today.

He also said: “Of course, despite the report on the progress in the production of science and technology, especially in the field of research and medicine, which is a source of pride, the purchase of vaccines has not been stopped for the sake of the nation.

Request from the parliament and the government to pay attention to the budget for the construction of vaccines
The Deputy Chief of Staff for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the Country also stated that, after these reports, we had four resolutions in today’s meeting that will be implemented, adding: “We asked the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the government to The parliament is gone, these two institutions should pay special attention to making vaccines in the 1400 budget law.
Kabganian also said that the second decision was to support companies under the auspices of the Presidential Fund for Innovation and Prosperity to work on the third human phase of the corona vaccine, because it is a heavy figure and some companies have asked for help.

Requiring the government to report industrial production of viruses
The Deputy Chief of Staff for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the Country also stated that the third resolution of the Headquarters today is to conduct a research work entitled “Production of Industrial Viruses and Its Risks and Risks for the Future of Humanity” without any political judgment.
He added: “This task, which has been the subject of many rumors in the society, was entrusted today to the Center for Cooperation for Transformation and Development of the Presidency.”
He said: “There are contradictory reports in this regard, which of course can not be judged, but a country like Iran, which is not without an enemy, must have the necessary information in this regard, which of course seems to be such negative actions affect the whole of humanity.” To take.

Assigning the task of preparing the media attachment of the vaccine to the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution

The Deputy Chief of Staff for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the country also referred to the fourth resolution of today’s meeting of this headquarters, referring to the formation of some domestic media news and media attacks on the production, purchase or non-purchase of vaccines. Requires media attachment.
Kabganian further clarified: The task of preparing the media attachment in today’s meeting was assigned to the Cultural Engineering Headquarters in the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, and this news will be sent to the Steering Headquarters after preparation and can be cited and used. to see more news visit iran tech news or science news page.

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